Freewriting Assignment #1

Freewriting assignment #1: Why do you want to improve your writing in English? Think of all the reasons, not just the obvious ones.

I wanted to improve my english writing because it is part of the mastery of the english language. My ultimate goal is to be proficient at communicating with english at all aspects, in speech and in writing. I really admire people that can write really well and able to express their opinion with clarity on social media and blogs etc. I admire those that were able to communicate their ideas on forums and present an arguments to express their views. Therefore, I will make it a goal to learn and practice writing until I have ability to write really well. Besides wanting to express myself accurately and effectively, another motivation of mine to want to learn to write well is for professional career. Writing indeed is a very important skill to have. Every day, there are almost occasions where the ability to write effectively is an asset, You will be able to convey meaning across the way you want it to be understood. You will be able to persuade and influence the decision of people that mattered to your career, whether to a big or small effect. You will also be able to convince others to your way of thinking. I don’t want to be prevented from reaching my potential and remain a small fry because I lack the ability to write well. Finally, I want to a master english writer because I’m  influenced by the idea that words are tools of thinking. I got this idea from Norman Lewis, whom is the author of one of my vocabulary building book. It’s titled word power, made easy. He showed that the richness of one’s vocabulary is an accurate determinant into whether a person will have leadership roles. He also also wrote that different words of a similar meaning are like different shade of the same colour on the palette. English is a very rich language. He suggested that when we encounter a word that we might take for granted, question its meaning. What does the word really mean? Learn about the history of the word. How did its meaning evolved over time. He wrote beautifully that words are not frozen entities but instead they possess live. They too experience birth and death and evolution of meaning over time. The english user is like an artist, painting melodies and play with the harmonies of strings of english words. Every syllable is a note. It takes an expert artist to beautifully craft a music piece made of strings of words. Because of him, I’m inspired to think English as a very rich language.

(25mins free-writing, no grammar correction)



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