Controlled Writing Assignment #1

Question: Write two or three paragraphs on the following topic: How does academic writing differ from other types of everyday writing, in your experience.

Academic writing differs from normal everyday writing for a few reasons. First and foremost, the intended audience for both types of writing is different, therefore leading to contrasting writing forms. Academic writing is written in mind for a small but specific group of people, like professionals of an industry, for example. Everyday writing on the other hand typically targets a wider audience.

Because of this distinction, in comparison, everyday writing tends to be written with a friendlier tone, using less formal language and closely resembles that of normal everyday speaking. Academic writing is almost always written in cold, emotionless language, with minimal opinions expressed. Moreover, it usually follows a clear logical structure to enable the reader to understand the connections between facts and ideas more clearly.

Also, academic writing contains jargon or profession-specific language which are not accessible to the untrained. Quite commonly, they are everyday words but with an alternative technical meaning. Academic writing uses these words so as to accurately convey understanding to the reader. Everyday writing, as the name suggests, is made up of words or phrases used in its familiar and natural meaning, so to speak. Thus it shouldn’t present understanding difficulties to the common folks.

The differences between the two writing forms, namely academic writing and normal everyday writing, are quite drastic due to the purposes each serves. Hence, proficiency in one doesn’t assure proficiency in the other.

[Bad Conclusion???]






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